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Chia Seeds are Brimming With Omega-3

Chia Seeds


Chia Seeds Support/Promote: Healthy Heart, Good Mental Health, Child Nutrition, Healthy Skin & Hair, Healthy Immune System, Healthy Pregnancy, Cardiovascular Health, Healthy Weight Loss, Joint Function & Mobility, High Antioxidants. Chia Seeds are traditionally known as the "Running Food"and naturally enhances athletic performance. Rich in Omega-3 - the optimal 3:1 Ratio per serving. (Chia seed provides 4,160 mg Omega-3 and 1,370 Omega-6)




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Traditional Directions for "Chia Fresca": Chia seed is soaked in fresh water at room tempreture for about 15 minutes until it forms a gelatin mix, add Lemon/Lime/or Orange to chia seed drink best early in the morning before coffee. Wait 30 minutes before eating breakfast, or use as an energy drink before a jog, walk or walkout.


Chia Super-Food overview:

Chia was one of the four main Aztec crops at the time of Columbus's arrival in the New World. Chia is now a forgotten food of the Americas. Chia seed oil offers the highest omega-3 fatty acid content available from plants, but today this species is known only for its use in "chia pets ™ ", yet pre-Columbian civilizations used chia as a raw material for medicines and nutritional compounds, while chia flour could be stored for years as a food reserve and was valued as a source of energy on long journeys.


In this book, agronomist Ricardo Ayerza and agricultural engineer Wayne Coates trace the long and fascinating history of chia's use, then reveal the scientific story of the plant and its modern potential. You can purchase our 40 page booklet on CHIA SEED for $5.95 includes shipping. Ricardo Ayerza and Wayne Coates compare fatty acid profiles of chia with our other major sources—fish oil, flaxseed, and marine algae—and provide evidence that chia is superior in many ways.


Chia is an evidence-based registered variety of Salvia hispanica L. and is nutritionally superior to flax and soy. Chia is the richest non-marine whole food source of Omega-3 and dietary fiber currently known to man.


Promotes Cardiovascular Health:

According to the American Heart Association, Omega-3 fatty acids can normalize blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels, while helping promote healthy heart and blood vessels.


Assists Joint Function & Mobility:

With six times more calcium than milk, and with greater amounts of high-quality protein than the one found in soy, Chia also helps strengthen muscles and bones.


Improves Digestion & Natural Detoxification:

Chia can absorb a whopping 12+ times its weight in water – flax seed only absorbs 6-8 times its weight. Chia´s insoluble fiber reduces digestive transit time and removes toxins as it passes through the digestive tract.


Supports Healthy Weight Loss:

Chia´s high fiber content and its ability to reduce blood sugar levels after meals inhibits the appetite, thus making it the perfect food for healthy, effective weight loss. Thanks to its neutral flavor and color, Chia integrates seamlessly into any healthy recipe.



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